Broncolor approved World Light Rental Studio

We are the newest broncolor approved World Light Rental Shop and Hire Studio in Mumbai, India.

broncolor, the Swiss Lighting manufacturer arguably makes the world’s finest lights, but hey! don’t take our word for it, come try them out. With our range of accessories and attachments, you’ll find a solution for every need.

broncolor Lights are:

  • Extremely well designed, Accurate and Consistent
  • Offer precise control of power, output and colour temperature
  • Scoro A4s 3200 watt power packs have a shorter flash duration than any other commercially available lights, great for freezing motion
  • Have Quick recyling times, allowing you to shoot with them up to 10 frames per second!
  • Work on Fuel Generators
  • Are compatible with a wide range of accessories

broncolor Scoro A4S 3200 watt second Power Pack

Broncolor Scoro A4S 3200 Watt Power PackIn the digital age, creativity is the critical factor determining any photographer’s success. With the new Scoro power packs, you can let your artistic imagination run free. With their uniquely convenient control systems, you can deal with even the most complex lighting setups easily every time. No other flash system gives you so much creative capability – and no other holds so many world records.

A recharging time of 0.6 s at 1600 joule and 0.4 s at 1200 joule, a 10 f-stop control range with stable colour temperature, adjustable colour temperature (at 200 K intervals), and three independent channels with exactly the same colour temperature – with Scoro, has set no fewer than four new world records, and remains the industry benchmark in modern flash technology. With its versatile and unparalleled capabilities for power distribution with consistent light quality, this new power pack is the ideal light source for high quality digital photography.

broncolor Pulso G 3200 watt Lamp Headbroncolor Pulso G Lamphead 3200 watts

The broncolor Pulso G 3200 watt Lamp Head connects to the Scoro and other power packs. It offers a moveable / zoomable flash tube position for variable beam spread and quality of light. The flash tubes are capable of delivering upto 90,000 joules of light per minute, which is 5 times more than the nearest competitor, allowing you to shoot upto 100 frames per minute with your camera.

broncolor Pulso G 6400 watt TWIN Lamp Headbroncolor Pulso G TWIN Lamp head

Similar to the Pulso G featured above times two! This lamp head has 2 flash tubes and two power cables, capable of emitting upto 6400 watts of light from a single head, or use it to achieve even shorter flash durations!